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Hi :) We are currently receiving a high volume of messages and we cannot respond to everyone in 24/48 hours. Please be patient, we will reply to your message soon. Sorry for the delay in answering.
Maybe this can help you: 

1. Where is my order? If your order has already been shipped you can track the tracking code that we have sent to your email once the package has been shipped here: or you can log in to our store: to see the status of your order.

2. My tracking has not updated for a while, what is wrong? If your order takes longer than 1-4 weeks (Premium Shipping) or 1-2 months (Free Shipping), it usually it means that the package(s) was randomly selected by the customs office to be inspected. This means they will have to open the package, inspect it, seal it back up and send back on its way to you. Please be patient for a little longer and understand that we are doing our very best to rush your orders for you. Please also understand that if the package is in customs, we cannot call to rush them since the customs office is a government entity and it is there to protect your country. We are not in any way affiliated with any shipping companies, thus please direct all questions concerning your package delivery, change of address, mail forwarding, to your local postal office. We ship via parcel because private companies such as DHL or Fedex very high and unreasonable import taxes and customs fees. In order to offer our customers the best price. We have several fulfillment centers in North America, Europe and Asia, depending on your location, your order will be shipped from one of them. If we do not have enough units, we must send it from the supplier. Free International Shipping times are 1-2 month and Premium International Shipping times are 1-4 weeks. Don't be alarmed most customers receive their order in 5-35 business days. All shipments are fully traceable and insured. 

Thank you very much for your collaboration and kind patience.

Wernes Team

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